Flow analysis

In this blog I will present a setup for pressure drop verification. Design criteria for the water cooled panel were maximum pressure drop of 10 Psi in one circuit, having flow of 110 gal/min per circuit. Design drawing of the water-cooled panel is shown on the figure below.
Number of returns was taken from design drawing, and Protopipe software is used for calculation of pressure drop and flow. Calculated values of pressure drop, velocity and flow are shown in the figure below.
Since customer wanted verification of pressure drop, we used the setup shown on the figure below.
With the closing valve, flow had been controlled to 110 gal/min. Reading from the pressure gauge was: inlet 30 Psi, and outlet 21 Psi. Please see the figure below.
Calculated value of pressure drop (9.12 Psi) was in agreement with the actual reading (9.0 Psi). It should be noted that a pressure drop depends on a velocity and the velocity determine the flow rate (for the given pipe diameter), therefore the valve was installed to control the flow. Dependencies are given in the figure below.